Bhodi YaBoi posted a status
on Saturday
Born Cortez Evans in East saint louis Il, if you ask me I was born in a sewage born to make bomb music.. ( words of Jay-Z). July 17 1987 greatness in the flesh was brought upon this universe to earthquake the world(Me). Bhodi Ya Boi. Not really gonna get in detail about my life everyone has a journey and the paths usually are the same as well as the hurt or what we go through to get where we are heading towards. I been creating music since youth around 14 years old. Inspired by artist like Eazy-E, Tupac , LL cool-J and a lot others but my mains was those oh Micheal Jackson , lol sound weird but true definitely inspired me also to be creative with words and expressions. I really just like to have fun and hear how others mind work when it come to the music.

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