Music Production Services

Music Production Services

1. Audio Consultations 

Need feedback for your song? The Hip Hop Fraternity offers consulations to help artists perfect their music. Each consultation will include a review of the audio quality (mix, master, production, and overall song quality). 

Essentially, we will tell you what was done well, what needs improvement, and what the next steps should be. 

Each consultation will be completed by an experienced industry professional.

2. Audio Mixing 

Acceptable Audio Mixing is a crucial part of music production. Our engineers will mix your song using the industry's leading plugins. 

Need autotune? No problem. The Hip Hop Fraternity specializes in perfecting and correcting autotune. 

3. Audio Masteriing 

 Audio mastering is imparative to make a "radio ready" song. This proess makes audio louder and clearer after the mixing process. The engineers will check for audio clipping and other mixing issues. Engineers use equalization and dynamic rang compression to make the song ready for any speaker.

*Songs must be properly mixed to qualify for mastering services. 

4. Artist Development 

Artist development is offered by service. Below are the services offered: 



Music Distribution 

Beat Licensing 

Split Sheets 

Industry Knowledge (deals, growing your fanbase, performance evaluations, etc.)