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  • 12323041480?profile=RESIZE_930xWWW.BIBLEHIPHOP.COM

  • Radio is everything to those in the industry and culture of Hip Hop. DJs are a Key part of the movement.  We Appreciate Our DJs! We Thank You for all of your service. Create in Greatness. GO VOTE ON THE HHF AWARDS NOMINEES PAGE. 

    The black power movement of the ‘60s was a force aiming to change the black community's view of itself and the power it held. It reawakened racial pride and promoted black interest both politically and socially. The Afro became a symbol of black power and black pride. Straightening was seen by some as an outward expression of the burden of assimilation, so the abandonment of this practice was a way of throwing off the mental shackles and recapturing OUR ROOTS Black artists and activists turned their hair into a form of expression, and the term ‘black is beautiful’ was coined.
    Now, F.R.O. Freaknik Radio Online is demented to restore and re-establish a new sense of PRIDE in our community. We are building the Largest Black College Information Network in the World. https://lnkd.in/gHsvfESD

    I am looking for HBCU College DJs who want to rule their campus, by having a 2-hour weekly show on our international network. We are also looking for communication students who want to keep the nation updated on all the news that happens on your campus and in your city. contact Ronn Greene @ 7705693481   11018780481?profile=RESIZE_930x    

  • This is a dope pic! Big respect for everybody working together 💪🏾

  •  IN NEED OF DJs to collaborate with on www.TheRapHustle.com sign up as a member and message me for more info...

  • Yo Dj's! 

    The ‘Toe Tap’ By Dj DB-3 Is A Feel Good Song That Is Sure To Bring All The People To The Dance Floor

    Here are some links to Dj DB-3 song 'TOE TAP'

    Dj DB-3 'Toe Tap' lyric and dance video:


    Here is the Download to the TOE TAP song pack:



  • Hitman has released 2 incredible new song

    Are you prepared to be suprised by a new artist? We are pleased to announce that we have launched 2 new song



    Hitman - Get at Me with All Change - Single | BandLink
    Listen, download or stream Get at Me with All Change - Single now!
  • Artist name: Lil Squo

     new single: Love Again https://unitedmasters.com/m/61610bb786f5486530fc9f81

    Lil Squo - Love Again
    Get early access to new music, merch, tickets, and more. Login with Spotify to join me.
  •  Artist: Apollian the G.S.P.    Single: The Talk


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